Resources for Ultrawide Gaming

Ultrawide monitor support can be spotty. Although ultrawide adoption is drastically increasing, some games and software don’t offer native-ultrawide support, meaning you’ll end up with letter-boxing on the right and left sides of your display. Although much of this can usually be done away with through the help of modded support like Flawless Widescreen, a free app that can help extend widescreen support to new and popular titles.

More importantly, just because a game will load an ultrawide resolution and fill up the entire screen doesn’t mean it has proper 21:9 support. Without extending the field of view, you’re not getting a complete ultrawide experience, which is the case with some games that support ultrawide. Most infamously perhaps, is Overwatch.

field of view ultrawide gaming

Of course, many competitive game developers have to make the decision of whether or not they’re willing to permit field-of-view enhancements, which may give disproportionate advantage to players who have them in some types of competitive games. Where true ultrawide support is available, a field-of-view enhancement basically means you get to see more of the battlefield, which translates very quickly into a huge advantage. 

Netflix Ultrawide Support

This Ultrawide Netflix plugin for Chrome can help you take 16:9 Netflix encoding and switch ot ti 21:9, all with the aid of helpful keybvoard shortcuts.

Do Your Favorite Games Support Ultrawide?

Does your favorite game have support for ultrawide? This ultrawide game list is essentially the ESRB for ultrawide support. It’s a near-complete list of all PC games, and a rating for their support for ultrawide and 4k. You can also find out whether support is native and how the widescreen behaves in general. For Steam-oriented gamers, take a look at this curated list hundreds of Steam titles with native support for ultrawide.

With the rising adoption of ultrawide monitors, we’ll no doubt see more and more games develop native support for ultrawide gaming monitors. Although there’s no guarantee your favorite game will let you take advantage of the field-of-view enhancements of an ultrawide monitor, the games where you can take advantage of it won’t just be more immersive, they’ll give you a distinct visual advantage over 16:9 aspect ratio.